ULTRAPURE WATER Micro-2010 Proceedings

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This conference proceedings CD contains the PowerPoint presentations, and Papers when available. Titles of the presentations are listed below. The files are in Adobe Acrobat format for easy viewing.

Hilton Hotel Mesa
Phoenix, Arizone, November 16-17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16

Session 1: Semiconductor Water Treatment Enabling Technologies
Session Moderators: Andreas Neuber, Ph.D.; Applied Materials; and Rich Riley, Intel
9:15 AM— ITRS Update
Jeff Chapman, IBM
9:45 AM— Development of Guide for Ultrapure Water Used in Semiconductor Processing
Slava Libman, Ph.D., M+W U.S., Inc.; Marty Burkhart, Hi Pure Tech Inc.
10:30 AM— Particle Control in UPW Through the Use of Filtration Validated for Removal Performance
Barry Gotlinsky, Ph.D., Vivien Krygier, Ph.D., and Glenn Dado, Pall Corp.
11:00 AM— The Future of Cost-Effective UHPW Processing Awaits in the Measurements of the Past
John Morgan, H2Morgan; Charlotte Hill and Gert Burkhardt, Georg Fischer Signet
11:30 AM— Next Generation of UPW Distribution System for the Next Generation of Semiconductor Fabs
Slava Libman, Ph.D., M+W U.S. Inc.; Dave Buesser, Plant Engineering Consultant, and Brandon Ekberg, M+W U.S. Inc.

Session 2: Semiconductor Water System Improvements
Session Moderators: Rich Riley, Intel; and Slava Libman, Ph.D., M+W U.S. Inc.
1:30 PM— Modular Design Approach for UPW Supply Utilizing the High-Efficiency RO Process
Bill McClain and Michael Holland, GE Power and Water, Water & Process Technologies
2:00 PM— Material Selection in Heat Exchangers for Hot UPW Applications
Michael Pischke, Scot Seifert, and Paul Hagen, Alfa Laval Inc.
2:30 PM— Thermoplastic Welder Qualification Standards
Ted Hutton, Arkema Inc.
3:15 PM— RO Performance Modeling and System Dashboarding for a Multi-Stage RO System
Lindsey Stahl, IBM
3:45-5:00 PM—ITRS Roundtable Discussion

Wednesday, Nov. 17
Session 3: Metrology and Data Processing Improvements

Session Moderators: Slava Libman, Ph.D., M+W U.S. Inc.; and Rich Riley, Intel
9:00 AM— Semiconductor Industry Market Trends
9:30 AM— Monitoring TOC in UPW at the Birck Nanotechnology Center
Tim Miller, Purdue University
10:15 AM— lnnovative Presentation Techniques for Process Quality Data and Data Quality of UPW Water Systems
John Morgan, H2Morgan; Greg Carr, Carr Enterprises; Robert Mclntosh, Solar World
10:45 AM— Technical Concept, Specifications and Limitations of an On-line Trace Sodium Analyzer
Markus Bernasconi, SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG
11:15 AM— Verifying the Calibration of Optical Particle Counters below 100nm
David Blackford, Fluid Measurement Technologies, Inc.; and Gary Van Schooneveld and Don Grant, CT Associates, Inc.
11:45 AM-1:00 PM—Lunch Break in Exhibits Area

Session 4: Wastewater Reclamation, Reuse, Water Conservation
Session Moderators: Andreas Neuber, Ph.D., Applied Materials; and Slava Libman, Ph.D., M+W U.S. Inc.
1:00 PM— Use of Modeling in Predicting Impurity Removal and System Behavior in EDI for Process Applications
Azita Yazdani and José Chavez, Exergy Technologies Corp.
1:30 PM—Trace Contaminant Removal from Wastewater via an Adsorption Process
James J. Pardini PE, CPE, MEL Chemicals, Inc.
2:00 PM— Integrating the Cooling Tower into a Fab’s Water Conservation Strategy
Paul Thomas Brown, Alton Carter, and Cindy Ortega, Freescale Semiconductor; and Barry Carroll, Brian Jenkins, and John Schellenberg, Nalco Co.
2:30 PM— Reclamation of Copper-CMP Wastewater
David Hubler, James C. Baygents, and James Farrell, University of Arizona

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