ULTRAPURE WATER Micro-2012 Proceedings

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This conference proceedings CD contains the PowerPoint presentations, and Papers when available. Titles of the presentations are listed below. The files are in Adobe Acrobat format for easy viewing.

Hilton Hotel Mesa
Phoenix, Arizona, November 13-14, 2012

Tuesday, November 16

Session co-moderators: Slava Libman, Ph.D., Balazs Air Liquide; Marty Burkhart, Hi Pure Tech Inc.
Tuesday, November 13
8:45 AM—Introduction
Session 1: Future Challenges Facing the Semiconductor Industry
9:00 AM—Semiconductor Industry Trends and Opportunities

Michael Corbett, managing partner, Linx Consulting
9:45 AM—Particle Defectivity Challenges for Sub-16 nm HP Technology Node
Abbas Rastegar, Ph.D., Lithography- SEMATECH
11:00 AM— Semiconductor Technology Progress of UPW ITRS and SEMI Cooperation
David Blackford, Ph.D., Fluid Measurement Technologies, Inc.; Slava Libman, Ph.D., Balazs Air Liquide; Dan Wilcox, Spansion; and Marty Burkhart, Hi Pure Tech, Inc.
Session 2: Solutions to Address Electronics Industry UPW Needs
1:15 PM— Organics Speciation in UPW— Challenges and Opportunities
Slava Libman, Ph.D., Balazs Air Liquide; and Stefan Huber, Ph.D., DOC Labor
1:45 PM—Removal of 12-nm particles with a combination of UF and MF
Donald C. Grant and Dennis Chilcote, CT Associates, Inc.; Uwe Beuscher, W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc.
2:15 PM—Total Removal of Nanoparticles in Manufacture of High-Purity Water
Aapo Sääsk, Scarab; To be presented by Mr. Vinay Chand, CEO of Xzero.
2:45 PM—Drastic Reduction of Metallic Impurities in Water Using High-Purity Ion-Exchange Resin
Takeo Fukui, Toshimasa Kato, Takaaki Chuuman, and Nobukazu Arai, Kurita Water Industries Ltd.
3:45 PM— Next Generation Particles Control in Point of Use Application for UPW Supply to Semiconductor Manufacturing
Boris Eliosov, PCB Water Technologies; and Wolfgang Dornfeld, Levitronix, GmbH
4:15 PM—450-mm Polyvinylidene Fluoride Pipe and Fittings Production to Accommodate the Ultrapure Water Volume Demands of Future MegaFabs
Marty Burkhart, Hi Pure Tech, Inc.; Hanspeter Mueller and Matthias Trinkner, Georg Fischer Piping Systems; and Casey Williamson, Semtec, Inc.

Wednesday, November 14
9:00 AM—Panel Discussion: Present and Future UPW Technology Challenges and Opportunities
Session 3: UPW Metrology Innovations
9:45 AM— 25-Nanometer Optical Particle Counting Technology for High-Purity Water Applications
William L. Shade, Jr., Lighthouse
10:45 AM—Capillary IC— A New Platform for High Throughput or High Resolution Separations of Ionic Compounds
Peter Bodsky and Terri T. Christison , ThermoFisher Scientific— Dionex Products
11:15AM— New Developments in the Use of Silica and Sodium Measurements in High-Purity Water Quality Specifications for the Electronics Industry
Randy C. Turner, Swan Analytical USA
Session 4: UPW Technology Optimization and Improvements
1:15 PM— An Updated Look at Minimizing Particle and Metal Ion Contamination on Fluid Control Components
Ed Cellucci, George Evangelos Drazinakis, and Greg Michalchuk, Plast-O-Matic Valves
1:45 PM— Challenges Meeting the UPW Requirements for the Future Fabs
Alan Knapp, Christopher Hall, and Bruce Coulter, Siemens Industry Inc., Water Technologies
2:15 PM—A Fundamental Shift in Water Disinfection— Research into an Innovative UV LED Design
Jennifer G. Pagan, and Paolo Batonil, Dot Metrics Technologies; and Oliver Lawal and Ken Kershner, Aquionics Inc.
2:45 PM—Overview of Research Projects Underway at Purdue University’s Birk Nanotechnology Center
Timothy Miller, Purdue University
3:15 PM—Conference Concludes
Bonus Presentation from ULTRAPURE WATER Asia 2012, conducted July 4-5, 2012, and co-located at Singapore International Water Week.
Saving Energy and Chemicals via Upgrading RO Elements in an Ultrapure Water System
Andy W.C. Chow, Joseph S.M. Wang, and Chun-ju Chen, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.; and Ronald Wen-Jung Chang, Dow Chemical Taiwan Ltd.

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