ULTRAPURE WATER Pharma-2013 Proceedings

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This conference proceedings CD contains the PowerPoint presentations, and Papers when available. Titles of the presentations are listed below. The files are in Adobe Acrobat format for easy viewing.

Final Program:
Co-moderators: Anthony Bevilacqua, Ph.D., METTLER-TOLEDO Thornton;
and William V. Collentro, Water Consulting Specialists

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Session 1: Microbial Control in Purified Water Systems
9:00 AM-Biofilm Control in Manufacturing/Water Systems

Mark Pasmore, Ph.D., Baxter
9:45 AM-Engineering Controls for Microbial Control in Pharmaceutical Water Systems
Mukesh Yadav and Remy Olabode, Genentech
10:45 AM— Updates on Compendial Sterile and Bulk Water Standards
Antonio Hernandez-Cardoso, United States Pharmacopeial Convention Inc.
11:15 AM—New Calibration Methods for Conductivity Systems
John Groetsch, METTLER-TOLEDO Process Analytics
11:45 AM—Ozone versus Heat Sanitization of Pure Water Distribution
Nik Krpan, Cheme' Engineering, Inc. <
1:30 PM—Mitigating Biofilm with Ozone for Best Results
Erika Hanley-Onken, MKS Instruments
2:15 PM— Enhanced TOC Reduction in Pharmaceutical Ultrapure Water Systems using Highly Reflective UV Disinfection Reactors
Randy Cooper, Ph.D.,NeoTech Aqua Solutions; John Wammes, Water Works Inc.
3:15 PM—Procedural Application of Root Cause Analysis for Microbial Excursions
Roderick Freeman, Beckman Coulter

Wednesday, June 12:
Session 2: Control of Pharmaceutical Water Systems
8:30 AM—Trends and Developments in Pharmaceutical Water Markets
Robert McIlvaine, The McIlvaine Co.
9:15 AM—A Treatment System Based on Electrical Hardness Precipitation and UV Destruction
Shlomo Sackstein, Biopharmax Group
9:45 AM— Case Study: Lessons Learned from an In-Depth FDA Inspection
Roderick Freeman, Beckman Coulter
10:30 AM—Coffee Break
10:45 AM— Monitoring/Continued Verification of Pharmaceutical Water Systems
Igor Gorsky, Concordia ValSource
11:45 AM-Development of an Improved Pharmaceutical Cosmetic Plant Water System
Chris Gallagher, Mar Cor
12:15 PM-Lunch Break
1:30 PM-The Efficacy of Ozone and Chemical Sanitization for Microbial Control
Nissan Cohen, Rohrback Cosasco Systems, Inc.
2:00 PM-Verifying Pharma UPW Excursions with an Automated TOC Sample Capture and Validation Method
Terry Stange, Ph.D., and Chris Crone, Hach ULTRA; and Slava Libman, Ph.D., Balazs Air Liquide
2:30 PM-TOC Measurement Improvements for Pharmaceutical Water Treatment Applications
Roger Schmid and Randy Turner, SWAN Analytical
3:00 PM-Improving WFI and CIP Process Control Using Dual Input Instrumentation
Chris Crone, Hach ULTRA
3:30 PM— Next Generation Design of High-Purity Water Systems for Pharma
Hugh Miranzadeh, GE Analytical Instruments

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