Tall Oaks Publishing Inc. sold ULTRAPURE WATER® journal  and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT magazine to Global Water Intelligence on May 1, 2014. The transaction includes the on-line publications, associated intellectual property, and the UPW-Pharma and UPW-Micro conferences. The www.ultrapurewater.com and related web sites will be updated shortly. 

This KnowledgeBase comprises articles that appeared in ULTRAPURE WATER journal
and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT magazine since their founding.
Paper copies of these articles are available for $10 each.

19 Articles from 2014.

IW310300 May 2014,
Page 00
Power, Boiler Water Business Sees Growth in Asia Mike Henley
IW310314 May 2014,
Page 14
Evaluating Power Plant Water Requirements Brad Buecker
IW310321 May 2014,
Page 21
Part 2: Treatment Strategies for Produced and Flowback Water John A. Veil
IW310328 May 2014,
Page 28
Part 2: Safe Disposal of Pharmaceuticals into the Environment Gamal E. Omer Elhag-Idris, MCIC, C.Chem, and Nedam Abed, Ph.D., P.Eng.
IW310333 May 2014,
Page 33
Is Zero Liquid Discharge Really Possible? James McDonald
UP310208 April 2014,
Page 08
Extending the Value of Resistivity to Optimize Microelectronics Water System Operation David M Gray, and Philippe Rychen
UP310213 April 2014,
Page 13
Part 2: Dissolved Oxygen Control in Steam Condensate Robert D. Bartholomew, P.E., and Gary H. Roberts, P.E.
UP310220 April 2014,
Page 20
Correlations between Semi-volatile Organic Carbon and TOC in Pure Water Paul Whitehead, Ph.D.,
IW310208 March 2014,
Page 08
Part 1: Overview of Shale Gas Water Issues John A. Veil
IW310215 March 2014,
Page 15
Part 8: Bio- (green) and Synthetic Polymers as Antiscalants and Dispersants Zahid Amjad, Ph.D.
IW310223 March 2014,
Page 23
Pharmaceutical Drugs Pathways, Risks and Controlling Disposal to Environment Gamal E. Omer Elhag-Idris, MCIC, C.Chem , and Nedam Abed, Ph.D., P.Eng.
IW310229 March 2014,
Page 29
U.S. Water Pursues Integrated Equipment, Treatment Chemical Business Model Mike Henley
UP310108 February 2014,
Page 08
Part 1: USP Updates, and Microbial Control in Pharmaceutical Systems Mike Henley
UP310122 February 2014,
Page 22
Water for Pharmaceutical Use William F. Harfst
UP310112 February 2014,
Page 12
Ozone versus Hot Water: A Sanitization Method Comparison and Case Study Nik Krpan, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.
UP310125 February 2014,
Page 25
SI Traceable Primary Calibration of In-Line Conductivity Sensors Steffen Seitz, Ph.D., Petra Spitzer, Pascal Rajagopalan, and Daniel Darbouret, Ph.D.
IW310108 January 2014,
Page 08
Implications from Five Industrial Sectors on the Changing Value of Water Mike Matichich, Marek Mierzejewski, Bill Byers, Dan Pitzler, and Sartaz Ahmed
IW310119 January 2014,
Page 19
Meeting Stringent Mercury and Heavy Metal Discharge Limits E.H. Kelle Zeiher, Ph.D., Al Foster, and Maurice Smith, Ph.D.
IW310126 January 2014,
Page 26
Alternate Steps to Improve SAGD Produced Water Treatment Rafique Janjua, P.E.
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