ULTRAPURE WATER Micro-2008 Proceedings

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This conference proceedings CD contains the PowerPoint presentations, and Papers when available. Titles of the presentations are listed below. The files are in Adobe Acrobat format for easy viewing.

November 11-12, 2008
Mesa Hilton Hotel, (Phoenix, Arizona)

Tuesday, November 11

Moderator: Mr. Jeff Chapman, IBM
9:00 AM—Case Study: Damage to RO Membranes by the Overuse of Ion Exchange Resin Cleaning Chemicals in Pretreatment Softeners
Timothy J. Miller, Purdue University – Birck Nanotechnology Center
9:30 AM—Behavior of Metal Deposition from High Purity Water during Wafer Rinsing Process
Drew Sinha, Ph.D., Sumco
10:00 AM— Arsenic Removal from Electronics Manufacturing Wastewater
James J. Pardini P.E., C.P.E., Magnesium Elektron Inc.
10:45 AM— A Device for Measuring of sub-50-nm Particles in High-Purity Water
David Blackford, Fluid Measurement Technologies Inc.; Don Grant, CT Associates Inc.
11:15 AM— Measurement of sub-50-nm Particle Retention by High-Purity Water Filters
Don Grant, CT Associates Inc.; Uwe Beuscher, W.L. Gore and Associates Inc.
1:15 PM— Development of State-of-the-Art 10-nm Filtration Membranes for High-Purity Water
Barry Gotlinsky, Ph.D., and Vivien Krygier, Ph.D., Pall Corp.
1:15 PM—Meeting the ITRS Guidelines for High-Purity Water Particle Monitoring
Bill Shade, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
2:15 PM—Overview of ITRS Developments
Jeff Chapman, IBM
2:45-4:45 PM—ITRS Discussion Session

Wednesday, November 12 Moderator: Andreas Neuber, Ph.D. Applied Materials
9:00 AM—Detection of Nano-Particles in High-Purity Water
Andreas Neuber, Ph.D., Applied Material MATERIAL UNAVAILABLE
9:30 AM—Controlled DI Water Gasification System for Advanced Semiconductor Cleaning Processes
Annie Xia, Karl Niermeyer, Russ Mollica, Gregg Conner, Entegris Inc.
10:00 AM—New Technology for Counting Particles in High-Purity Water at 40-nm and Smaller
John Mitchell and Dwight Sehler, Particle Measuring Systems
10:45 AM—Point of Use Water Recycling in Green Microelectronics Manufacturing
Azita Yazdani, P.E., Exergy Technologies Corp.
11:15 AM—Transient Boron Leakage in a High-Purity Water System
Lindsey Stahl and Jeff Chapman, IBM
1:00 PM—High-Flow Filter for High-Purity Water Applications: A Field Case Study
Gary Van Schooneveld, CT Associates Inc.; Peter Nadolny, W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc.
1:30 PM—Electrochemical Methods for Water Reclaim in Semiconductor Manufacturing
James C. Baygents and James Farrell, University of Arizona
2:00 PM—UV-Induced Polytetrafluoroethylene Degradation as a Source of Particulate Contamination in Ultrapure Water Systems
Michael Green, Tim Strodtbeck, Photronics Inc.
2:30 PM—Particle Counting in High Purity Water Applications in the Microelectronics Industry
Bill Shade, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions

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