ULTRAPURE WATER Pharma-2008 Proceedings

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This conference proceedings CD contains the PowerPoint presentations, and Papers when available. Titles of the presentations are listed below. The files are in Adobe Acrobat format for easy viewing.

SEPTEMBER 9-10, 2008

Tuesday, September 9

Moderator: Joseph Manfredi, GMP Systems 9:00 AM—USP Pharmaceutical Waters— An Update
Roger Dabbah, Ph.D., principal consultant for Tri-Intersect Solutions
9:30 AM—Updating the ISPE Baseline Water & Steam Guide
Joseph Manfredi, GMP Systems
10:00 AM—Changes in USP Pharmaceutical Water Requirements, Status of Harmonization, and Monitoring for Quality versus Process Control
Anthony Bevilacqua, Ph.D., Mettler-Toledo Thornton
10:45 AM— Microbial Control through Ozonation
Rod Freeman, Abbott Vascular
11:15 AM—Design Elements and Considerations for Pharmaceutical Water Distribution Systems
Rod Freeman, Abbott Vascular
1:15 PM—Compendial Water System Bacteria Results Using Different Incubation Media, Incubation Temperatures, and Incubation Time Periods – Case Histories
William V. Collentro, Water Consulting Specialists
1:45 PM— How to Responsibly Transition from TOC Lab to On-Line Water Release
Emek Blair, Ph.D., Hach Ultra
2:15 PM—On-Line Particle Counters Provide Advance Detection of System Problems in WFI and Clean Steam Systems
Matthew J. Smith, and Joe Gecsey, Hach Ultra
2:45 PM—Improving Water System Performance: A Continuous TOC Measurement Technology To Enhance Real-Time Process Control
Giovanni De Dona, Mettler-Toledo Thornton
3:30 PM— Sustainable and Efficient Design Options for Industrial High-purity Water Systems
Andrew Collentro, Water Consulting Specialists
4:00 PM—USP Purified Water Design
Lee Comb, Aqua Chem
4:30 PM—Considerations when Implementing a Laboratory Water System
Jamie Grossi, Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Wednesday, September 10
8:30 AM—Basic Water Chemistry
Lee Comb, Aqua Chem Material Unavailable
9:00 AM—New Image-Based Water Analyzer for Real-Time Monitoring and Research
Harry Nelson, Dave Palmlund, and Kent Peterson, Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc.
9:30 AM—Passivation: The First Defense to Improved Corrosion Resistance
Daryl Roll, AstroPak
10:00 AM—Is Cation Conductivity Monitoring Relevant For Today's Combined Cycle Power Plant? Yet Another Case Study Says It Is Not
Luis Carvalho and Thomas James, GE Water & Process Technologies; William Hunter, PowerSmith Cogeneration - USA
10:45 AM—Luminescent Oxygen Sensor to Monitor in Steam Cycle Water
Frank Dunand, Ph.D., Nicolas Lederman, Ph.D., Serge Hediger, Ph.D., and Greg Thomas, Hach Ultra; Max Haller and Christoph Weber, Ph.D., Muhleburg Nuclear Plant
11:15 AM—Water (Resource) Conservation Using Closed-Loop, Evaporative Cooling Systems for Process and Power Applications
Peter Demakos, P.E., Niagara Blower Heat Transfer Solutions
1:15 PM— The Use of Ultraviolet Light in the Removal of Endocrine Disruptors and Other Emerging Contaminants
Marc Scanlon, Aquionics Material Unavailable
1:45 PM— Energy Conservation and Green Concepts for Pharmaceutical Water Production
Robert C. Livingston, Arion Water
2:15 PM—Rouge: The Dilemma Facing the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry
Patrick Banes, AstroPak
2:45 PM—Qualification Basics of a Production Purified Water System
Rick Calabrese, Sartorius Group North America
3:15 PM—Important Features To Consider for the Next Generation of Silica Analyzers
Shawn Simmons, Southern California Edison Material Unavailable

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