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OWENS-Practical Principles of Ion Exchange

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By Dean L. Owens
Second Edition 1995, ISBN 0-927188-00-7, 210 pages, hard cover

About the Book
The Practical Principles of Ion Exchange Water Treatment develops the fundamentals of understanding the ion exchange water treatment process for those people who work with or are concerned with the operation of systems employing this technology. Included are the basics of the mechanics and equipment of ion-exchange water treatment, and the effect of these on the operation of the systems. Operation cycles of backwash, chemical regeneration, and rinses are detailed with explanations of each step. The in-depth explanations of what, how, and why of this water treatment technology should provide the reader of this text with a basis for improving the operation and performance of installed systems.

Troubleshooting and problem solving is approached in a new manner by outlining problem sources, with cross-references to basic explanations of the causes and suggestions as to where to look for solutions. With very few established courses on this subject in schools or in industry, this volume has served as a useful basic training text on ion exchange. Over 3,400 copies of the first edition were sold. The second edition contains an updated troubleshooting section, as well as sections on waste treatment and resin sampling and testing.

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2: Ion Exchange Terminology
Chapter 3: The Importance of Water Analysis to Ion Exchange
Chapter 4: Ion Exchange Resins and Their Reactions
Chapter 5: Equipment for Ion Exchange
Chapter 6: Ion Exchange Cycles
Chapter 7: Ion Exchange Systems
Chapter 8: Design and Sizing of Ion Exchange Systems
Chapter 9: Troubleshooting
Chapter 10: Waste
Chapter 11: Ion-Exchange Resin Sampling

About the Author
The late Dean L. Owens started his consulting practice in ion exchange technology in 1976. Besides ion exchange applications in water treatment, his consulting services also dealt with sugar processing, hydrometallurgy, chemical process, and waste treatment. Mr. Owens authored a number of publications, technical articles, and papers on ion exchange during his career. Prior to 1976, he worked for Rohm and Haas Co., starting his career there in 1946, with much of his time in sales and sales development of ion-exchange resins. He received his BS in chemistry from the University of Wisconsin in 1942. Mr. Owens passed away in November 1994, shortly after completing this revision of the book.

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